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The Author

First and foremost, I'm a wife and a proud mum to a gorgeous little boy who fills my world with endless joy and laughter. As a mum, I've had the privilege of experiencing the magic of storytelling firsthand, watching my son's eyes light up as we journey through fantastical tales together.

In my professional life, I work in the early childhood industry. Being around little ones every day is an incredible source of inspiration. Their boundless curiosity and eagerness to learn have fuelled my desire to create stories that entertain, educate, and ignite their imaginations.

It all began with "Superheroes with Paws," a story that holds a special place in my heart. It's a tale that sheds light on the incredible role service dogs play in our community and the immense impact they have on the lives of their humans. Through this book, I hope to educate children about the important work these furry heroes do and inspire a sense of empathy and understanding.

But it doesn't stop there! Writing "Superheroes with Paws" ignited a passion within me. I've discovered the joy of storytelling and the power it has to bring people together, young and old. So, I'm excited to embark on this incredible journey of creating more stories that will captivate and enchant readers of all ages.

I want you all to be a part of this journey with me. Your support, encouragement, and smiles are what keep me going. Together, we'll venture into magical worlds, meet extraordinary characters, and uncover the wonders that lie within the pages of my stories.

So, thank you for joining me on this adventure. I can't wait to share my future stories with all of you and spread a little bit of magic and joy along the way.

Jessica 🧡


The Illustrator

Meet Julia Scarmozzino, an emerging Illustrator and passionate children's Art Teacher based in Melbourne, Victoria. With a Diploma of Illustration and a love for sparking young imaginations, Julia brings her vibrant and whimsical artwork to life. Specialising in anthropomorphic animals, she creates friendly and quirky illustrations that captivate children and the young at heart.

Julia's unique style combines vibrant colours and playful details to transport young readers to imaginary worlds, where animals don capes and become superheroes in her stories. As a dedicated children's Art Teacher, Julia's interactions with children provide invaluable insights into what captivates their imaginations. Her illustrations speak directly to their sense of wonder and joy, inspiring them to dream big and embrace their own unique qualities. Julia Scarmozzino is a rising star in the world of children's book illustration, dedicated to bringing joy, excitement, and boundless imagination to young readers worldwide.


Get ready to be captivated by her enchanting artwork as you embark on a journey of imagination, wonder, and endless possibilities!



Instagram - @scarmoscribbles

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